Sheriff Donald F Eslinger
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Links relating to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Teflon Don Eslinger

 Conduct Unbecoming
 Lt. Mike Weippert Arrested
 Sheriff Eslinger refuses to Fire LIAR, Why???
 Seminole County Deputy Arrested for DUI
 PINAC's Jeff Gray exposes Teflon Don's goon squad.
 Lt. Mike Weippert forced to resign? Full Story
 Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger to cost taxpayers more
 Seminole County Deputy Arrested!
 SCSO Liars, Thieves and Adultery!
 Sheriff Don Eslinger hires handicap deputy.
 Lt. Michael J. Laney Demoted!
 SCSO Attempts to Shutdown AGAIN!
 An Expensive Perk: Take Home Cars for Deputies
 Deputy Sheriff Commits Armed Trespassing
 Seminole County Sheriff's Dept. named in FHP Trooper's Civil Rights Lawsuit!
 Civil Rights Violation just a SMALL Wave!
 Seminole County Police Athletic League.
 APOLOGY to Chris Dye
 SCSO costs tax payers millions.
 You Tube Video
 Orlando Sentinel report.
 DD Johnson talks about DAVID abuse!
 Sheriff accused of trying to force deputy to quit.
 How to break laws in Seminole County.
 Above the law.
 Adultery by Sheriff.
 Eslinger's ethics complaint
 Evidence found by WFTV reporter George Spencer.
 Eslinger attempts to shutdown this website.
 Open letter to SCSO employees.
 Domestic Violence by Law Enforcement.

Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger